Anticipated Project Milestones

Pre-Feasibility Studies 2003 – 2005 Completed
Feasibility Study 2007 Completed
Pilot Testing 2009 Completed
Institutional Analysis 2010 Completed
Site-Specific Analysis 2011 – 2013 Completed
Regional Reliability Study 2014 – 2015  
Preliminary Design TBD  
Design (Implementation Effort) TBD  
Environmental Review/Permitting TBD  
Construction TBD  

Funding and Costs

Technical study costs to date ($3.3 million) were supported by California state grant funds, and equally divided between the participating agencies. Preliminary capital cost estimates for a regional desalination facility depend on the utilization and location of facilities with an estimate of $200 million for a 20 mgd capacity project. Project construction could be phased.

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